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Akademi Terapi Holistik Sehati Course Schedule for Year 2008

              1 2 3
1 Treatment of Dysmenorrhoea and Menopausal Syndrome

Regaining women's health which is 21-Jul-08 9~10-Aug-08 4~7-Aug-08
  increasingly threatening, by using 9am~5pm 2pm~6pm 8pm~10pm
  natural drugless therapies      
2 Natural Slimming and Beauty Understanding the root cause of  04-Aug-08 6~7-Sep-08 11~14-Aug-08
        obesity and skin problem, reasons 9am~5pm 2pm~6pm 8pm~10pm
        of failing, and the key to success      
3 Living Aromatherapy   The art and science of essential oil; 11-Aug-08 13~14-Sep-08 25~28-Aug-08
        the aroma from nature's energy 9am~5pm 2pm~6pm 8pm~10pm
4 Reflexology for Health -  Suitable for beginners and reflexo- 25-Aug-08 20~21 Sep-08 1~4-Sep-08
  Intermediate Course   logists, enhancing your skills 9am~5pm 2pm~6pm 8pm~10pm
5 First Aid for Professionals Some must-know procedures among 01-Sep-08 27~28-Sep-08 8~11-Sep-08
        healthcare professionals, trained by 9am~5pm 2pm~6pm 8pm~10pm
        experienced and expert teacher      
6 Iridology - Basic Course Knowing one's constitution, predict  08-Sep-08 4~5-Oct-08 22~25-Sep-08
        and preventing potential health  9am~5pm 2pm~6pm 8pm~10pm
        problem by looking into the iris      
7 Treating Headache, Neck and Understand and treat the most  22-Sep-08 11~12-Oct-08 6~9-Oct-08
  Shoulder Pain Effectively common and bothersome symptoms  9am~5pm 2pm~6pm 8pm~10pm
        of current lifestyle        
8 Management of Healing Crises The proper way of managing healing 29-Sep-08 18~19-Oct-08 13~16-Oct-08
        crises during treatment or after 9am~5pm 2pm~6pm 8pm~10pm
        consuming certain products      
9 Tongue / Hand Diagnosis - The essence of tongue and hand 06-Oct-08 25~26-Oct-08 20~23-Oct-08
  Basic Course   diagnosis, understanding patients  9am~5pm 2pm~6pm 8pm~10pm
        through visual inspection      
10 Natural Nutrition   Use food as your best medicine  13-Oct-08 1~2-Nov-08 3~6-Nov-08
        instead of drugs and synthetic 9am~5pm 2pm~6pm 8pm~10pm
11 Back Flower Therapy   The 38 spirit-like remedies founded 20-Oct-08 8~9-Nov-08 10~13-Nov-08
        by British Dr. Edward Bach 9am~5pm 2pm~6pm 8pm~10pm
12 Pregnancy and Infant Massage Learn to massage pregnant women 27-Oct-08 15~16-Nov-08 17~20-Nov-08
        and infants safely and effectively 9am~5pm 2pm~6pm 8pm~10pm
13 The Meridian and Collateral Learn about meridian science, its 03-Nov-08 22~23-Nov_08 24~27-Nov-08
  Science in Health Care connection with internal organs, the 9am~5pm 2pm~6pm 8pm~10pm
        diagnosis and the management      
14 Live Blood Analysis   Analyzing health condition with 10-Nov-08 29~30-Nov-08 1~4-Dec-08
        just a drop of blood so that  9am~5pm 2pm~6pm 8pm~10pm
        appropriate treatment can be applied      
15 Herbalism in Dalily Use Learn basic herbalism, types of 17-Nov-08 6~7-Dec-08 10~13-Dec-08
        herbs, their attributes, effects, 9am~5pm 2pm~6pm 8pm~10pm
        toxicity and usage        
16  Sports Injury Massage   Examining the condition of injuries 24-Nov-08 13~14-Dec-08 15~18-Dec-08
        and applying proper treatment 9am~5pm 2pm~6pm 8pm~10pm
Objective: Enhancing knowledge and skills among practitioners and healthcare professionals; initiating self-healing 
             potential among people who care about health.        
Course: 2 parts - theory and practical.          
Certificate: Certificate of attendance will be issued upon completion of course.    
Course Fee: RM220.      
Registration: Akademi Terapi Holistik Sehati. No 16, 1st Flr, Jalan PJS 11/28, Bandar Sunway, 46150 P.J. Selangor.
Cash / Cheques made payable to: Public Bank # 3143556503 #   “Akedemi Terapi Holistik Sehati“  
Tel: 03-5636 6788 / 03-5621 6788 / 012-2018020          
Fax: 03-56216788              
Website: http://www.montaine.com.my          
Email: info@montaine.com.my

Lecturer's Profile::
Naturopath K.C. Chia  






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