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Objective: To initiate the new age lifestyle management concepts, achieving valuable and consummate life based on MONTAINE’s philosophy of holistic health.

主持人Conductor: 自然疗法医师谢庆存 Naturopath K.C. Chia  (ATMS Accredited, MSCT Accredited)

 地点Venue  0709/12/2007 @ Kahang Organic Rice Eco Farm加亨有机稻米生态休闲农场
(详情浏览For detail please visit http://www.montaine.com.my or http://kahang-eco-organics.com

1416/12/2007 @ Kajang - Country Heights Resort

1113/01/2008 @ Melaka - Ayer Keroh

2224/02/2008 @ Kajang (20DIY必胜减肥排毒妙方Top20 DIY SureWin Slimming Detox)

1416/03/2008 @ JB - Austin Hills Golf Resort

04 06/04/2008 @ Penang

      * 请选择以上其中一项课程 Please select one of the programs above.

 时间Time星期五下午6-8点报到 Check in Fri.6-8pm,星期日下午2点结束 Check out Sun.2pm

* Please consume 1 litre of apple juice before 5pm on Friday, take light diet and prepare your body and mind for detox.

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Target Participants 谁适合参加这项课程?

~ Those who want maintain vibrant health 想要维持良好健康者

~ Those who want a meaningful vacation 想要拥有意味深长的假期

~ Team leader looking for inner stability & individual leading style 追寻内心安稳及个人领导风格的领袖

~ Managers who want to build strong foundation for the success of the company, reduce medical expenses and resolve productivity
    problems brought about by poor health

~ Businessmen and employees who want more concentrations, think clearer, perform better, get rid of physical and mental tension

~ Spouses wanting to have healthy family and healthy children 想要拥有健康下一代和健康家庭的新婚夫妇

~ Parents coping with weak children, perpetually falling sick 对身体虚弱、亘长患病的孩子感到厌倦疲惫的父母

~ Women who want to get rid of PMS, menstruation, & traumatic menopause 欲摆脱经前不适、生理期及更年期症状的女性

~ Those who can抰 sleep well, waking unrefreshingly; feel drowsy and no attend for work after meal 失眠、无精打采、餐后困乏之人士

~ Those who want to slim down naturally and learn a long-term weight management programme 想要自然瘦身、长期维持理想体重者

~ Those who are tired of chronic illness and want to get rid of lifelong medical drugs 不愿依靠化学药物渡过余生的慢性病患者

~ Those finding it too strenuous to cope with rising medical cost 对持续高涨之医药费烦恼不已的社会人士


課程费用:RM 788.00 包括講課費、健康诊断与咨询、自然医疗、住宿与飲食。

Fees        RM 788.00  inclusive of course, diagnosis & consultation, natural therapies, food and lodging.

课程 :

·         功法     :气功步法、太极、瑜伽(身/心)、左右脑平衡操(心/脑)、宇宙能量(灵)

·         饮食     :热带甘露、果菜汁、精力汤、暖身姜水、酵素教学

·         诊断     :经络仪、虹膜診斷、舌诊、体脂肪、骨骼密度检验、健康反射按摩

·         辅助疗法 :动力机能学、音乐疗法、七轮疗法、色彩疗法、按摩与推拿、压力管理、针灸、骨架调整

·         排毒层次 :清肠道、血液、肝脏、细胞、骨骼、心灵毒素、胆石、胆砂


Programs included

~ Pre and post-camp health diagnosing and consultation, meridian health check, iridology, tongue diagnolosis

~ Qigong, Taichi, Yoga, reflexology, brain balancing exercise; cosmic energy

~ Tropical nectar, fruit and vegetable juices, nutritional drink, salads, natural detoxification solution, enzyme

~ Kinesiology, music therapy, colour therapy, stress management, massage, acupuncture, spinal alignment

~ Learn about organic, natural food, herbs and supplements, healthy lifestyle management programme

~ Detoxify the colon, blood, cells, bones, gallbladder stones and achieving mental clarity


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