Akademi Terapi Holistik Sehati


Akademi Terapi Holistik Sehati Montaine Centre of Health and Wellness Malaysia Montaine Centre of Natural Therapies Australia K.C. Chia Naturopathic Courses Massage Courses Continuing Professional Development Treatment of Dysmenorrhoea and Menopausal Syndrone Regaining women's health which is increasingly threatening, by using natural drugless therapies Natural Slimming and Beauty Understanding the root cause of obesity and skin problem, reasons of failing, and the key to success Living Aromatherapy The art and science of essential oil; the aroma from nature's energy Reflexology for Health - Useful Tips - Intermediate Course Suitable for beginners and reflexologists, enhancing your skills First Aid for Professionals Some must-know procedures among healthcare professionals, trained by experienced and expert teacher Iridology - Basic Course Knowing one's constitution, predict and preventing potential health problem by looking into the iris Treating Headache, Neck and Shoulder Pain Effectively Understand and treat the most common and bothersome symptoms of current lifestyle Management of Healing Crises The proper way of managing healing crises during treatment or after consuming certain products Tongue / Hand Diagnosis - Basic Course The essence of tongue and hand diagnosis, understanding patients through visual inspection Natural Nutrition Use food as your best medicine instead of drugs and synthetic vitamins Bach Flower Therapy The 38 spirit-like remedies founded by British Dr. Edward Bach Pregnancy and Infant Massage Learn to massage pregnant women and infants safely and effectively The Meridian and Collateral Science in Health Care Learn about meridian science, its connection with internal organs, the diagnosis and the management Live Blood Analysis Analyzing health condition with just a drop of blood so that appropriate treatment can be applied Herbalism in Dalily Use Learn basic herbalism, types of herbs, their attributes, effects, toxicity and usage Sports Injury Massage Examining the condition of injuries and applying proper treatment 经痛及更年期症状的理疗 以自然疗法调理越来越受到威胁的女性健康,避免滥用药物 自然减肥与美容 了解肥胖与皮肤问题的根源以及失败的原因,以经济有效的方法达成目标 日常芳香疗法 正确及有效地使用芳香精油, 同时认识天然芳香的妙用 脚底按摩养生 实用技巧 - 中级课程 适合初学或已谙脚底按摩的业者,提升技巧、学习适当的疾病调理方法 专业急救常识与技巧 养生保健行业须知,利人利己,由专业及富有经验的导师授课 虹膜学诊断基础课程 从虹膜剖析体质与健康状况,预知潜在病症,加以防治 应付头痛与肩颈疼痛的有效方法 现代人最为困扰的普遍症状,学习以各种方法不药而愈 好转反应的专业处理方法 如何处理一般病患在康复过程中所面对的好转反应以及消费者在服食不同产品后所出现的症状 舌/手诊基础课程 学习舌象分析的要点与临床意义,通过望诊辩症进一步调理体质 自然营养学 在无任何药物或合成维他命的情况下,利用日常生活中的食物以作为各种急、慢、大、小疾病的良药 巴赫花疗法 由英国花精疗法鼻祖爱德华‧巴赫所开发的38种调理身心的独特药方 妊娠(孕妇)与婴儿按摩 如何安全及有效地帮助孕妇及婴儿提升身心健康的原理、技巧与禁忌 经络学于保健的应用 经络的原理、诊断、与脏腑的关系及处理方法、于美容及养生的应用 活血分析 一滴血检测人体机能与健康状态,如何分辨虚实、了解及进行调理 草药学在日常生活中的应用 基础草本药物学、草药的种类、属性、特点、功效、毒性、用法 运动员护理按摩 为受伤的运动员分析伤势的轻重,进行正确的护理 Myofascial Release Technique Traditional Thai Bodywork
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